Kelly’s Breakfast Casserole

This delicious, flavorful breakfast casserole is a great way to begin any morning!

A couple of years ago, I tried to make a breakfast casserole for overnight guests from a recipe I had not used before. I went to get some bread out of my pantry, and all I had was hamburger buns. All I can tell you is that I don’t know what it was about those hamburger buns, but it was the most awful mess I have ever tried to serve anyone. (Sorry Candace and Tommy!) Since that day, I had been a bit gun shy when it comes to breakfast casseroles, as you can imagine.

Then, about 18 months ago when I was working in Hickory Public Schools, the principal of Hickory Career and Arts Magnet sent a recipe to her faculty. From what I could piece together, the faculty had a covered dish breakfast, and Kelly Owen, the principal, had made this breakfast casserole. Evidently, it was a smashing success. I read the recipe at my desk and decided to take it home and try it. I printed a copy and put it in the back of my recipe book.

A few months ago, I found the recipe and decided to give it a try. I am glad I printed that copy, and I am glad I was on the HCAM E-mail list serv. 🙂

From start to finish, this recipe will approximately 90 minutes.
(Allow casserole to refrigerate overnight before baking.)

After one hour, this casserole smells incredible and comes out of the oven golden brown.


1 lb. Jimmy Dean Hot Sausage
1 lb. Jimmy Dean Regular Sausage
12 eggs
½ tsp. ground mustard
Salt and Pepper to Taste
4 cups milk
2 cups bread crumbs (fresh bread torn into small pieces)
2 ½ cups grated sharp cheddar cheese


Brown sausage, drain and cool.
Whisk together in a large bowl the eggs, mustard, salt/pepper, and milk.
In another bowl, combine cooked sausage, cheese, and bread crumbs.
Layer in 9×13 casserole dish ½ milk/egg mixture, ½ sausage mixture.*
Cover and refrigerate overnight.
Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 1 hour.

*Do not use a casserole dish any smaller than 9×13! 

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