Homemade Pizza Made Easy with Da Vinci’s Restaurant

Homemade Italian-Style Pizza

If you are in the mood for quality time pizza making with your family, nothing beats homemade Italian pizza. You can get your authentic ingredients from Da Vinci’s restaurant.

This afternoon, my friend Rosa Poppante brought not only her sons Leonardo and Ernesto over for a play date, but she also brought the authentic ingredients for our superb meal.

Pizza making is a fun activity for kids of all ages.  No matter how many hands touch the ingredients, at 375 degrees, you are sure to have a germ-free meal! 🙂

Pressing the dough

At Da Vinci’s, you can pick up fresh dough, real mozzarella, and genuine Italian pizza sauce made with only the freshest ingredients. In no time at all, we had pressed our balls of dough into our pizza pans to make two of the best pizzas I have ever tasted.  (Don’t forget to pick up Da Vinci’s own fresh signature bread.)

Da Vinci's Homemade Pizza Sauce has the perfect seasonings blended with fresh tomatoesPerhaps it was the combination of the experience of making pizza with friends and enjoying time well spent together and the best ingredients around, but this pizza was delizioso!

Drop by Da Vinci's and Pick up your Fresh Ingredients Tonight!

So, drop by Da Vinci’s on your way home tonight, and you can pick up your ingredients to make yourself a wonderful homemade treat the whole family will love!

Check out the Da Vinci’s Menu here!

Visit them at 2968 North Center Street in Hickory! Or, give them a call at 828.328.6101.
Dough (freshly made at Da Vinci’s)
Pizza Sauce (freshly made at Da Vinci’s)
Mozzarella Cheese
1-2 Tbsp Olive Oil
Your choice of fresh vegetables and / or meats
Kosher Salt
Fresh Basil

Ready for the Oven!

Preheat oven to 375.
Spread olive oil evenly in bottom of pizza pan.
Place ball of dough in center of pan and work the dough outward gently. (This process will take 8-10 minutes.)
Cover dough with pizza sauce, ingredients, and cheese (in your order of choice).
Sprinkle salt around crust for extra flavor.
Bake for 30-40 minutes, checking periodically to see that bottom of crust is golden brown or to your liking.
Cut and enjoy.


Mama Rosa says, make sure when you are cooking authentic Italian fare, always remember your red, white, and green!

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