Pepperoni Rolls

Flavor bursts from this coal miner's delight.

Rachael Moyer shared this recipe with me back in 2000. A native of West Virginia, Rachael explained that Pepperoni Rolls and other bread-encased foods are indigenous to the coal mining areas of West Virginia. I was intrigued as she explained that when coal miners stopped working for lunch, there was seldom time or resources available for them to clean the coal residue from their hands, so it was vital to have food that the miners could eat without having to worry about their hygiene. Pepperoni Rolls, and other foods enclosed in breads were perfect because the miners could pick them up, take a bite, pull the meat and cheese out with their teeth, and discard the portion of the bread where the their coal-coated hands had adulterated the food. I just thought this was an interesting story. And…these little morsels are so very easy to make, and they are very tasty. Plus, kids LOVE them!

From start to finish, this recipe will take you approximately 30 minutes. (This does not include the 3-5 hours needed to allow the dough to rise.)

1 pkg (36 count) Rhodes Dinner Rolls (frozen dough) **not pre-cooked rolls
1 pkg sliced turkey pepperoni
1 – 2 cup pkg. Italian cheese blend

Allow dough to rise according to package directions.

Follow directions on package to allow dough to rise.
Once dough has risen, preheat oven to 350 degrees and pat each roll flat.
Place two slides of pepperoni and one pinch cheese on flat dough.
Reform into a ball with pepperoni and cheese encased inside the dough.
Place on cookie sheet, and follow directions on package for baking.

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1 Response to Pepperoni Rolls

  1. Ali says:

    Ali 5 Start Rating: Another big heat at parties. Easy, fun, and yummy! Adults and kids love these! Heather, thank you for sharing this one with me! I never go without my frozen rolls! I can always make pizza rolls in an entertaining emergency!

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